Brooks England

Beautiful and Durable

Brooks cycling goods have been made of the finest materials and craftsmanship for more than 140 years. All are backed by a standard 2 year guarantee (saddles can be extended to 10 years) and a lifetime of service.

Leather Saddles

Premium leather saddles handmade in England, intended for urban and touring cyclist.

Brooks B17 Special saddle
B17 Special $189.99
Brooks B17 Standard saddle
B17 Standard $134.99
Brooks B67 saddle
B67 $149.99
Brooks Swift saddle
Swift $189.99

Cambium Saddles

All-seasons performance and touring saddles made from natural rubber and organic cotton.

Brooks Cambium C15 Carved saddle
Cambium C15 Carved $179.99
Brooks Cambium C17 saddle
Cambium C17 $149.99

Saddle Care

Essential maintenance items to keep your Brooks saddle in tip-top condition.

Brooks Proofide leather dressing
Proofide 25g $12.99
Brooks Raincover
Saddle Cover $11.99

Cycle Bags

Traditional to contemporary bike bags crafted from leather, canvas, and waterproof fabrics.

Brooks Challenge Tool Bag
Challenge Tool Bag $99.99
Brooks Strand Shoulder Bag
Strand Shoulder Bag $179.99