We are proudly introducing our own custom built wheelsets, built in-house by hand in-house with spokes equally tensioned!

• Chose from 38 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm, and 88mm depth Carbon tubular or clincher rims.

• The 38 mmm and 50 mm rims are available in both 20 mm and 23 mm tire seat widths.

• For our house hubs we use Novatec's lightest and finest bearing hubsets.

• The standard hubsets we offer are suitable for either conventional or disc braking systems depending on your preference.

• The standard rear hubs are available with either Campagnolo or Shimano/SRAM 10/11 speed cassette bodies.

• We use DT stainless steel spokes and DT Prolock nipples.  We can build the wheels in radial, one cross, or two cross configurations with the rear hub options for radial off-drive side and crossed patterns on the drive side.  

• The  spokes used in the wheel set and the lacing pattern will be determined by the intended wheel use.

• Hubsets from any manufacturer may be substituted with a relative price adjustment.


38 mm, 50 mm, or 60 mm tubular rim, conventional Novatec hubs, DT Competition/Aerocomp series spokes: $800.00 per pair

38 mm, 50 mm, and 60 mm tubular rim, conventional Novatec hub, DT Revolution/Aerolite series spokes: $825.00 per pair

No extra charge for 23 mm width rims.

88mm tubular rim, conventional Novatec hub, with DT Revolution/Aerolite series spokes: $900.00

Clincher rims add $50.00

Disc brake compatable hubs add $25.00