From time to time, the shop offers basic mechanical training for those interested in learning more about how the bicycle works and how to service it yourself should the unexpected mishap occur. From replacing a tube to changing your chain, there are many basic bicycle malfunctions that are easy to understand and repair.

The classes generally run one hour each day. The curriculum can be chosen by the student or for those interested in additional instruction we go through the entire bicycle in 3-4 days, 6PM to 7PM on weekday evenings. The cost is $50 per hour. The necessary tools for all classes are provided.

Sample topics covered:

• Fixing a flat tire
• Truing your wheels
• Replacing shifter cables
• How to replace brake cables
• Brake maintenance
• Tuning the shifting system
• Lubrication of your machine
• Chain maintenance
• Upgrading components
• Overall care and service

Classes are scheduled as needed.